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Pest of Forage Crop :: Fodder Maize

Scientific name: Zea Mays

Family : Poaceae

Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)

Symptoms of Damage

  • Windowing symptom
  • Heavy defoliation  and  large amount of faecal matter in the plant whorl.
  • Bore holes in the developing internodes, damage on ear head.

Identification of insect pests

    Egg           : Dome shaped with flattened base. 
    Larva        : Greenish with black head, four black spots at tail end, White inverted “Y” mark on head.
    Pupa         : Obtect type, reddish brown in color.
    Adult         : Forewing: Male: brown Female: Grayish brown
    Hind wing : Male and Female: Iridescent silver-white


       Central whorl with fecal Pellet                    Series of holes                                Defoliation

Economic threshold level

    ETL: 10% infested fruiting parts or one egg or one larva/plant.

Integrated Management

    Deep ploughing and application of neemcake @ 250 kg per ha.

    Timely sowing and avoid staggered sowing. Follow crop rotation

    Seed Treatment: Thiamethoxam 30 FS @ 10g or Beauveria bassiana @ 10 g per kg of seed or cyantraniliprole 19.8 % + thiomethoxam 19.8 % @ 4 ml/kg seed

    Border crop: cowpea, sunflower, gingelly and marigold

    Spray with Azadirachtin 1500 ppm at early stage.


Male                                                  Female





Updated on Apr 2023
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