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Backyard Poultry Units

The main breeds of backyard poultry are Kalinga Brown, Mumbai Desi, Rhode Island Red and CARI Nirbheek. The methods of rearing chicken in the backyard differ greatly from place to place. Though the housing conditions are almost adequate, proper attention to feeding is practically not given. Also the production potential of the desi flocks in such units may be greatly improved by introducing exotic breed.
Therefore particular attention may be given to those important aspects namely,

  1. Introduction of exotic males in the backyard units.
  2. Rearing of cross-bred birds’ viz. Gramalakshmi, Gramapriya, etc.
  3. To give better ventilation in the night shelter.
  4. Timely preventive vaccinations and deworming.
  5. To provide some amount of balanced feed rather than leaving the birds entirely for scavenging.

A suitable all-purpose premix is suggested below exclusively for the use of backyard poultry. Fairly good egg production can be achieved by providing 50 per cent of daily requirement of feed in the form of balanced feed/commercial feed.

Backyard Poultry

Concentrate mixture for backyard poultry

Premix I (%) Premix II (%)
Groundnut cake (expeller) 52 60
Gingelly oil cake 20 -
Unsalted dried fish 20 32
Broken rice/wheat/dried tapioca 4 4
Mineral mixture for poultry 4 4
Total 100 100

( Source: www.vuatkerala.org )


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