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Integrated Fish cum Cattle Farming

  • Fish farming by using cattle manure has long been practiced in our country.
  • This promotes the fish-cum-cattle integration and is a common model of integration.
  • Cattle farming can save more fertilizers, cut down fish feeds and increase the income from milk.
  • The fish farmer not only earns money but also can supply fish, milk and beef to the market.

Pond management practices

  • Cow dung is used as manure for fish rearing.
  • About 5,000 - 10,000 Kg/ha can be applied in fish pond in installments.
  • After cleaning cow sheds, the waste water with cow dung, urine and unused feed, can be drained to the pond.
  • The cow dung promotes the growth of plankton, which is used as food for fish.

Cattle husbandry practices

  • The cow sheds can be constructed on the embankments of the fish farm or near the fish farm.
  • The locally available material can be used to construct the cow shed. The floor should be cemented.
  • The outlet of the shed is connected to the pond so that the wastes can be drained into the pond.
  • Cultivable varieties of cows are black and white (milk), Shorthorn (beef), Simmental (milk and beef), Hereford (beef), Charolai (beef), Jersey (milk and beef) and Qincuan draft (beef).

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