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  1. What are the breeds of goat suitable to Tamilnadu?
    Tellicherry, Kanni adu, kodi adu, Nellore, Sonadi

  2. What are the goat farming methods?
    Intensive, semi intensive, Nomadic / Extensive methods.

  3. What is the feature of caprine production?
    Goat meat has good demand, Goat milk &hide value is good

  4. Where can get training for caprine production?
    Local University Training centre, TANUVAS, (UTRC)
    Local government veterinary Dispensaris, VC&RI, Namakkal
    MVC, Chennai, Local KVK Centres.

  5. What are the steps to be taken for newborn kids?
    Membrane removal, Naval cord cutting, Colostrum feeding.

  6. What is kid management?
    Feeding & Management of young goat

  7. What are the advantages of elevated goat shed?
    Good ventilation, droppings / urine fall down goat feels comfort in elevated area.

  8. What is the status of artificial insemination in goat?
    Commercially not practiced now.

  9. What is the age at puperty of doe?
    6-8 Months

  10. What is the age at sexual maturity of goat?
    10-12 Months

  11. How much concentrate feed has to be offered to an adult goat?
    250- 500 grams / day

  12. What are the importances of goat milk?
    Tasty, good medicinal value, has good market and price.

  13. What are the dairy goat breeds?
    Saanan, Anglo Nubian – exotic breeds

  14. What is salt lick?
    Miner mixture brick for licking of animals

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