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  1. What are major problem in pig rearing?
    Religious & Social taboos

  2. What are major breeds used in pig rearing?
    Large white yarkshire

  3. How to select male and female as breedy store?
    Pedigree report

  4. What are steps to taken during furrowing?
    Put her in furrowing per

  5. What are advantage of castration in piglet and when to do it?
    Good body weight & Docile behaviour

  6. What is precaution to be taken while feeding hostel and hotel wastes?
    Boil them

  7. How to clean the shed?
    Morning & evening with water; Weekly thrice with bleaching powder

  8. What are records to be maintained in a pig farm?
    Young stock, Adult stock & breeding stock

  9. How to construct a shed for pig?
    Pen & Run

  10. Why pig farming is not popular in India?
    Social taboos, False thinking about pigs, Lack of awareness & dirty behavior of desi pigs

  11. What are the symptoms of oestrus in pig?
    Oestrus discharge, swollen vulvas – pricked ear – frequent urination – Grunting – pressing of Hindquarters against walls - restlessness.
    Tests: Approaching hind quarters – no mobility.
    Riding test: pressing over loin / croup region or even sitting over back will make no movement – standing heat – oestrus- By teasing – Teasers

  12. What are economic traits of pig?
    1.Litter Size 2. Weight at Birth 3. Weaning Weight; 4. Litter size at Weaning; 5.Feed efficiency – Feed consumed per of kg of Live weight; 6. Mortality percentage
    Growth rate: 
    a. Birth to Weaning --- Weaning weight - ­­birth weight / 56 days  
    b. Weaning to 154 days---Weight at 154 days-Weaning weight/ 98 days
    c. Weight at 154 days to 210 days ---Weight at 210 days - Weight at 154 days / 154 days

  13. How to dispose the dead pig?
    Bury /Burn

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