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Bunchy Top:Banana bunchy top virus
  • Initially, dark green streaks appears in the veins of lower portion of the leaf midrib and the leaf stem
  • They appear to be “bunched” at the top of the plant, the symptom for which this disease is named.
  • Severely infected banana plants usually will not fruit, but if fruit is produced, the banana hands and fingers are likely to be distorted and twisted. 
  • It is transmitted by infected suckers and banana aphid
  Bunchy Top Symptoms   Bunchy Top Symptoms    
  • Use virus free planting materials
  • Remove and rouging of infected banana plants
  • Maintain clean, weed free field for early detection of infested suckers
  • The plants should be injected with 4 ml of Fernoxone  solution(50g in 400 ml of water)

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