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Crop Protection :: Pests of Banana

Pseudostem borer: Odoiporus longicollis 

Symptoms of damage
  • Grub bore into pseudostem making tunnels
  • Cutting holes on outer surface
  • Exudation of plant sap-initial symptom and blackened mass comes out from the bore hole 
  • Tunneled part decomposes and pseudostem wilts.

Identification of pest

  • Eggs: Laid at random on cut ends of pseudostem, yellowish-white, cylindrical in shape
  • Grub: Apodous, creamy white with dark brown head
  • Pupa: Pale yellow colour, fibrous cocoon formed inside the tunneling on the periphery
  • Adult: Robust, reddish brown and black weevil
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
  • Remove dried leaves periodically and keep the field clean
  • Prune the side suckers every month
  • Use healthy and pest free suckers to check the pest incidence
  • Do not dump infested materials into manure pit
  • Uproot infested trees, chop into pieces and burn
  • Use longitudinally split pseudostem trap at 65/ha

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