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Viral diseases

Leaf curl

  • Leaves curl towards midrib and become deformed.
  • Stunted plant growth due to shortened internodes and leaves greatly reduced in size.
  • Flower buds abcise before attaining full size and anthers do not contain pollen grains.
  • The virus is generally transmitted by whitefly. So control measures of whitefly in this regard would be helpful.

Mosaic Viruses

  • Light green and dark green patches on the leaves.
  • Stunted plant growth during early stages.
  • Yellowing, chlorotic ring spots on leaves and fruits.
Tomato spotted wilt virus at different stages of crop growth
Virus infestation

Management of viral diseases

  • Control measures are not known for majority of viral diseases.
  • Hence, mechanical, cultural methods are mostly recommended.
  • The infected plants should be uprooted and burnt or buried to avoid further infection.
  • Avoid monoculture of chilli crop.
  • Selection of healthy and disease - free seed.
  • Suitable insecticidal sprays reduce the incidence of viral diseases, since majority of viral diseases are transmitted by insect vectors.
  • Soaking seeds in a solution containing 150 g Trisodium orthriphosphate per litre of water for 30 minutes inhibits seed - borne inoculum.
  • Treated seed should be washed with fresh water and dried before sowing.
  • Nursery beds should be covered with nylon net or straw to protect the seedlings from viral infection.
  • Raise 2-3 rows of maize or sorghum as border crop to restrict the spread of aphid vectors.
  • Apply Carbofuran 3G @ 4-5 Kg/acre in the mainfield to control sucking complex and insect vectors selectively.
  • If it is not possible spray the crop with systemic insecticides. Dimethoate 2ml of Acephate 1g per litre of water.
  • Collect and destroy infected virus plants as soon as they are noticed.

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