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White muscardine fungus, Beauvaria bassiana  


  • The fungus is otherwise called as white muscardine fungus. 
  • The fungus spores and mycelia are milky white and found sprouting on the body of lepidopterous insects like Helicoverpa armigera,Spodoptera litura and Anadevidia peponis.

Production procedure

  • Carrot cut into small pieces (40 g) is washed in potable water and transferred to conical flask (250 ml) and 15 ml of distilled water is added. 
  • The conical flasks are plugged with cotton and autoclaved for 20 min at 15 psi.  The flasks are allowed to cool and taken to laminar flow chamber for inoculation. 

i) B. bassiana on S. litura larval cadavers

  • From a clean uncontaminated mother culture in slant loopful quantities of B. bassiana spores are transferred aseptically. 
  • The flasks are incubated at room temperature.  The spores are obtained in a fortnight

ii) Beauveria bassiana cultured on solid substrates in polypropylene bags

iii) Helicoverpa armigera larvae infected with Beauveria bassiana

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