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Integrated pest management of apple

Integration of various control strategies in planned way may help in minimizing the pest infestation


  • Pruning all attacked shoots and branches during winter reduces the infestation of stem borer
  • Collection of egg clusters of tent caterpillars during pruning and their destruction is suggested


  • Soil application of chlorpyriphos dust at 25 kg/ha is effective against root borer and chafer beetle attack
  • Injection of carbon di sulphide or petrol and sealing the holes with mud takes care of stem borer
  • Foliar sprays with dimethoate or monocrotophos or phospphomidon (0.03%) at fortnightly interval is effective against foliar pests


  • Release bio agent like Aphelinus mali has been found effective in controlling the population of wooly aphids
  • Release of Prospaltella perniciosi a parasite has given promising result in controlling the San Jose scale

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