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Integrated pest management of banana


  • Keep plantations cleared of any plant debris in which the borer can survive. Chopping of pseudostem from which the bunches have been cut and scattering of their pieces in the plantation have been suggested to avoid attraction of the pests
  • Covering of old rhizome and cutting of pseudostem with a layer of earth to avoid entry of weevil is commended
  • Use healthy suckers from the field known to be free of weevil is suggested


  • Before planting, suckers preferably trimmed should be dipped in a solution of chlorpyriphos 0.1% to kill eggs in the sucker and to prevent infestation after planting
  • Foliar sprays of monocrotophos (0.04%) or methyl demeton ().03%) at 15 days interval also control the foliage pests effectively
  • Injection of methyl demeton 0.05 ml or monocrotophos 0.12 ml in the pseudostem at a height of 60 – 70 cm effectively control aphids


  • Release of Chrysoperla predator for the control of banana aphid have been suggested

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