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Integrated pest management of citrus


  • Pruning and destruction of severely affected twigs with scales and borer there by preventing build up of population in orchard during Oct to Dec
  • Collection and destruction of fallen fruits minimizes the infestation of fruit fly
  • Removal of weeds, like Cocculus villosusC. pendules and C. hirsutum an alternate host of fruit sucking moth helps in avoiding the damage caused by fruit sucking moths to some extent


  • The pest complex infestation can be controlled by spraying with methyl demeton (0.03%) at 10 days intervals
  • Mites can be controlled by spraying with thiodemeton (0.05%) or dicofol (0.05%) at 10 days intervals
  • Injection of petrol or dichlorovos or putting Aluminium phosphide tablets into the bored holes and plugging them with mud is effective in controlling the borer
  • Fruit fly can be kept under check by bait (Jaggery water solution) spraying with malathion or trichlorophon (1ml/lit of water)


  • Release of coccinellid predator like Crytolaemus montrouzieri has given promising results in minimizing the mealy bug infestation.

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