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Integrated pest management of mango


  • Collection and destruction of fallen fruits will prevent the multiplication of stone weevil and fruit fly.
  • Deep ploughing around tree trunk during summer months helps in killing the eggs of mealy bugs and matured larvae and pupae of fruit fly.
  • Removal of weed plants like Bhattar Clerodendron infortunatum and other grasses will check the buildup of population of mealy bug
  • Banding the tree trunk with 20 cm wide alkathene (400 guage) and applying grease on it in the 2nd week of Dec, before mealy bug starts ascending, is effective in arresting the climbing of crawlers of mealy bugs


  • The infestation of leaf webber, shoot borer, shoot gall psyllid can be controlled by 2 -3 application of fenvelerate (0.01%), permethrin (0.02%) and dimethoate (0.06%) at 21 days interval commencing from Aug
  • Injection of petrol, kerosene emulsion of dichlorovos or EDCT mixture in the tunnel after cleaning and sealing it with mud has been recommended for break and stem borer of mango


  • No bio control agent has been found effective on a large scale.

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