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The following practices are adopted to reduce the pest populations in paddy


  • Field sanitation
  • Removal and proper disposal of stubbles will keep the borer population low in next crop
  • Summer ploughing
  • Mechanical picking of egg masses
  • Late sowing should be avoided to keep the gal midges infestation under control
  • Clipping of the affected fold leaves reduced caterpillar populations
  • Use light trap reduce leaf hopper and leaf folder population


  • Dip the roots of seedling in 0.02% chlorpyriphos 20 EC + 1% urea for 4 hrs prior to transplanting
  • Apply quinalphos granules at 1.0 kg ai/ha 10 – 15 days after planting
  • The newly hatched borer larvae must be flit with 2 rounds of quinalphos or phosphomidon at 0.5 kg ai/ha at 7 days interval
  • Dusting with malathion with effective against gundhi bug infestation.
  • In case of army worm spray the crop in the evening after sun set with nuvan 0.5 kg a.i/ha


  • Field release of egg parasitoid Trichogramma japonicum at weekly interval @ 50,000 ha during egg laying stage of rice borer in very effective
  • Release of mired bug Cytorhinus lividipennis @ 50 – 75 egg/ m2

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