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Integrated pest management of sugarcane

  • Select healthy cane seed, free of borers, scale insects and mealy bug etc
  • Cane seed be scrubbed with 0.1% malathion in areas affected by scale insects, mealy bugs and the borers
  • Conspicuous egg masses of top borer, pleasy borer and leaf hopper be handpicked and destroyed as a regular campaign during Feb – March
  • In white grub endemic area follow regular campaign from May onward
  • In late June or early July, where top borer is a serious problem, apply carbofuran 3G @ 1kg a.i/ha near the base of the cane followed by light irrigation
  • Pyrilla endemic areas are surveyed for parasitoid population. If present in good number, the spraying be avoided, otherwise the crop sprayed with 0.03% malathion @ 1/ha
  • In case of mite infestation, the affected leaves be clipped and destroyed, the severe incidence can be controlled by spraying dicofol (Kelthane) 0.1 per cent
  • At the time of harvest, the stumps which harbor diapausing larvae should be injected with insecticide with oil cane

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