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Crop protection ::Pesticides :: Registration form

[Rule 6]

1. a. Name, address and status of the applicant.________________________

    b. Category of the industry SSI/DGTD/MRTP/FERA/others._____________

2. Address of the premises where the manufacture will be done._____________

3. The common name and trade name of the Insecticides which the applicant proposes to import or manufacture.__________________________________

4. Whether the application for import or manufacture:

    (i)   In the case of import please state:

  1. Name and Address of the manufacturer.__________________________
  2. Name and address of the supplier if he is duly authorized by the manufacturer._______________________________________________
  3. Is the insecticide registered in the country:
  1. of manufacture.________________________________________
  1. from which supplies are expected to be made._________________

    (ii)  In the case of manufacture please state:

          Whether the insecticide is meant for domestic consumption or for export or for both._________________________________________________

5. In the case of formulation, the sources of supply of technical grade material and its status of registration.

6. Chemical Composition.____________________________

(i) Kind and name of active and other ingredients and percentage of      each.__________________________________________________________

(ii) Stability in storage (as per details specified by the Registration Committee)._____________________________________________________

(iii) Shelf life claim.______________________________________________

7. Toxicity of the products to human beings, wild life, aquatic animals (toxicological data to be enclosed as per details specified by the Registration Committee).

8. The plant diseases, insects and other noxious animals and weeds against which it is intended to be used. (Published/ authentic reports on bioefficacy of the insecticide to be enclosed as per details specified by the Registration Committee.

9. Instruction for storage and use including first-aid and precautionary measures which are proposed for labelling.

10. (i) Ten copies of specification for product. quality and method of analysis for technical/ formulated compound (as applicable) and its resides.

(ii) Analytical test reports product, quality as may be specified by the Registration Committee.

11. Seven copies of the proposed labels and leaflets (including all printed or graphic matter which will accompany the package containing the insecticide) as per the insecticide rules 1971.

12. Manner of packing.___________________________________________

13. Particulars of fee deposite._____________________________________

Signature of the applicant.__________________

With seal.__________________



I ____________________S/o ______________________do hereby solemnly verify that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information given in the application and the annexure and statements / accompanying it, is correct and complete.

I further declare that I am making this application in my capacity as ___________ and that I am competent to make this application and verify it by virtue of __________ a photo/ attested copy of which is enclosed herewith.


With seal__________________

Note : The application form including the verification portion must be signed in case of an individual, by the individual himself or a person duly authorized by him; in case of Hindu undivided family, by the karta; in case of a partnership firm, by the managing partner, in case of a company, by a person duly authorized in the behalf by the Board of Directors and in any other case, by a person incharge of or responsible for the conduct of the business.One Self addressed stamped envelope and one stamped envelope must be enclosed along with the application.


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