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Tree killer

Tree killer is an unique product of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University produced through a revolving fund scheme at the Department of Plant Pathology, Centre for Plant Protection Studies.  The chemical is sold at Agricultural Technology Information Centre of the Directorate of Extension Education, Coimbatore.

The tree killer totally eradicates trees and shrubs that cause nuisance at temple premises, roof tops, walls of buildings, wells, canal bunds and shutters.

Removal of bark
Swabbing of tree killer
Tied with cloth

Method of use

  • The bark around the base of tree / shrub to be killed has to be removed to a height of 10 cm from the ground. 
  • The tree killer has to be swabbed using a brush over the area of the stem without bark immediately before it dries.
  • Further a waste cloth has to be tied / wound around the area which is to be soaked / drenched with the chemical again.
  • It is enough if tree killer is applied once. Trees will start drying after some time and they will not revive.


  • Since the tree killer has an ingredient which is highly toxic, it needs to be handled with great care.
  • It should not come into direct contact with human body.
  • It should be kept out reach of children.
  • The container after use has to be buried and disposed off safely.

Cost of the chemical is Rs.590/250 ml which can be obtained only in person.

For further details please contact

Agrl. Technology Information Centre                        
Directorate of Extension Education               
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University               
Coimbatore – 641 003                                                
Phone :  0422 – 6611315       

Dept. of Plant Pathology 
Centre for Plant Protection Studies    
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University 
Coimbatore – 641 003           

Phone :  0422 – 6611226       

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