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Crop protection ::Plant protection equipments :: Introduction

  • Sprayer should be well maintained during the spraying season.
  • Checking and preparation should commence well before the beginning of the season.
  • It is of paramount importance to clean both inside and outside of sprayer after each day’s work, even if the same chemical is being used the next day. 
    Sprayer should be lubricated thoroughly and regularly, especially all moving parts, before starting the work.
  • No matter how well the sprayer is designed and equipped, even if it is new, all sprayers wear out and deteriorate.
  • All parts should be inspected. Worn out, broken and damaged parts should be replaced.
  • These costs are nominal, compared with the value of the chemicals to be used. The nozzle is the most neglected, precision component of sprayer.
  • If nozzle is worn out and delivers a 10 % overdose, chemical wastage in a couple of hours would cover the cost of a new one.
  • A detailed instruction book giving simple advice and illustrated drawing of component and assemblies are provided with each new sprayer.
  • To avoid guess work and waste of time, it is necessary to specify correct name and code number of the part specified in the manual. Parts that are likely to be needed should be kept in stock.
  • Extra time should be devoted to the sprayer at the end of the spraying season, before it is kept in the store.
  • Sprayer should be cleaned thoroughly, since residual chemical if left over for several months will corrode parts of sprayer. Filters and Nozzles should also be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Corroded parts should be painted. The pump should be greased and operating / moving parts should be well oiled.

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