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1. National Institute of Plant Health Management

2. EXtension TOXicology NETwork
A source of information on pesticides and pesticide use.

3. Factsheet Database
This site allows you to search all the fact sheets across the country or in selected regions that contain your key words or phrase. This is particularly useful for finding out what other states in our region have available. 

4. Integrated Plant Protection Center
Developing integrated pest management resources for sustainable agriculture. 

5.International Society of Arboriculture
They have some Tree Care Consumer Guides that address things like pruning

6.Nematodes in Oregon Agriculture
Information about nematodes in general and about plant-parasitic nematodes, especially those important to Oregon crops. Host range and damage level documents are included, and, of course, the Plant-parasitic Nematode Songbook. 

7. ODA Plant Division Home Page
Information on ODA's mission to detect and control or eradicate serious insect pests and harmful plant diseases. Also, info on the Nursery proram, certification services required for exports and noxious weed programs. 

8. Oregon Dept of Ag - Pesticides Division

9. Oregon Grain and Seed Crops Multimedia Resource
A site for general production information on grain and seed crops. 

10. OSU Nematode Testing Service

11. Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook
The PNW Insect Management Handbook contains Pest descriptions and crop damage, Biology and Life History, Scouting and Action Thresholds, Management—biological control, Management— cultural control, and Management— chemical.

12. Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook
This handbook is designed as a quick and ready reference of weed control practices used in various cropping systems or site/situations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. 

13. Plant Health Progress
A new online journal for plant health practitioners published by the American Phytopathological Society. The journal contains research reports, diagnostic guides, management guides, plant health notes, reviews, and perspectives. 

14. Potato Blightcast
Forecasts of the onset of potato late blight for Oregon. 

15. The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book is a subject oriented internet resource guide for plant pathology, applied entomology, and all related fields. On these pages you can find plant pathology related internet sites and other useful resources. 

16. University of California IPM Online
The one I use the most is the link to Pests of agricultural crops, floriculture, and commercial turf for information on diseases. You can get a description of the disease, symptoms, and some organic control information. 

17. WSU Chelan Co. Tree Fruit
Tree Fruit Horticulture and IPM 

18. WSU Hortsense
Home gardener fact sheets for managing plant problems with IPM or Integrated Pest Management. Cultural controls and Washington-registered pesticides are included. 

19. Ministry of Agriculture - Department of Agriculture & Co-operation

20. Ministry of Agriculture - Department of Agriculture & Co-operation - (Policy & Plan Division)

21. Plant Quarantine Database Query

22. Plant Protection Information Network


Biocontrol Programme

Plant Protection information  Network
Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage


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