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Bacterial wilt: Ralstonia solanacearum


  • Water soaked spots appear at the collar region of the pseudostem and progresses upwards and downwards.
  • The first conspicuous symptom is mild drooping and curling of leaf margins of the lower leaves which spreads upwards
  • Yellowing starts from the lowermost leaves and gradually progresses to the upper leaves. In the advanced stage, the plants exhibit severe yellowing and wilting symptoms.
  • The vascular tissues of the affected pseudostems show dark streaks. The affected pseudostem and rhizome when pressed gently extrudes milky ooze from the vascular strands. 


  • The cultural practices adopted for managing soft rot are also to be adopted for bacterial wilt.
  • The seed rhizomes may be treated with streptocycline 200ppm for 30 minutes and shade dried before planting.
  • Once the disease is noticed in the field all beds should be drenched with Bordeaux mixture 1% or copper oxychloride 0.2%.

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Yellowing of leaves Infected field

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