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Crop Protection :: Pepper
Top shoot borer: Laspeyresia hemidoxa
Symptoms of damage:
  • Larvae bore into tender terminal shoots and feed on internal tissues resulting in blackening and decaying of affected shoots.
  • The pest infestation is higher during July to October when numerous succulent shoots are available in the vines


Identification of pest:
  • Larva: The full grown caterpillar is greyish green in colour.
  • Pupa: Pupation takes place inside the shoots within the tunnel. 
  • Adult
    • It is a small moth.
    • Forewing: The basal half of is black and distal half is red. 
    • Hind wings: Greyish in colour
  • Spray quinalphos (0.05% each) on tender terminal shoots; repeat spraying at monthly intervals (during July - October) to protect emerging new shoots.

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