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Top shoot borer: Scripophaga excerptalis 

 Symptoms of damage:

  • Parallel rows of shot holes in the emerging leaves and
  • Red tunnels in the   midribs of leaves
  • Dead heart in grown up canes which cannot be easily pulled
  • Dead heart reddish brown in colour
  • Bunchy top due to growth of side shoots


Identification of the pest:

  • Egg: 10-80 egg masses are found on thetop shoot, under the surface of leaf covered with liney mesh
  • Larva: Smooth, white or cream coloured with a red coloured mid dorsal line
  • Adult: White coloured moth. Female has buff coloured anal tuft in abdominal tips


  • Release Isotima javensis at 100 pairs/ha
  • Spraying any one of the following insecticides
    • Carbofuran 3% G 33.3 kg/ha
    • Chlorantraniprole 18.5% SC 375 ml/ha
    • Phorate 10% G 30 kg/ha
Bore holes
Dead heart
Egg Mass Larva Adult


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