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Crop Protection :: Cash Crops :: Pest of Sugarcane

Pink mealy bug: Sacchricoccus sacchari

Symptoms of damage:

  • Pinkish, oval insects found beneath leaf sheath on the nodes
  • White mealy coating
  • Stunting of main cane and also attack roots

 Identification of the Pest:

  • Egg: Eggs are retained in the female reproductive organs until almost fully mature. Incubation period is short. The females may bring forth hundreds of young ones parthenogenetically. An egg is yellowish, smooth, cylindrical and rounded at both ends.
  • Nymph: Newly emerged nymphs are quite active with a pinkish transparent body
  • Adult: White with mealy coating, sessile


  • Detrash as per schedule
  • Drain excess water
  • Apply any one of the following insecticides when the incidence is noticed spray on the stem only
    • Methyl parathion 50 EC 1000 ml/ha
    • Malathion 50 EC 1000 ml/ha

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