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Bacterial Soft Rot and Hollow Stem :Erwinia carotovora pv. carotovora
  • Fruit -soft watery decay of fruit, starting at one or more points, as very small spots.
  • Enlarge-very rapidly until the entire fruit -soft watery mass.
  • Pathogen liquefies fruit tissue by breaking down the pectate "glue" that holds plant cells together
  • leakage-internal collapse resembling a shriveled water balloon.

Identification of pathogen:


  • gram-ve, rod with rounded ends
  • Motile with 1 to 6 peritrichous flagella
  • Single-celled - rapidly multiply and spread-in water.

Favourable condition:

  • During wet weather and High humidity,
  • Heavy rain fall or irrigation
  • Warm temperatures in the (20–30 °C)
Oozed liquid Infected tomato
Spread and survival:
  • Wounds
  • The connective tissue at the stem end - an entry point for the bacteria present in the sepals of young tomato fruit
  • They can be spread by rainstorms, insects, harvest crews, picking containers, and packinghouse equipment.
  • Soft rot bacteria can even pass from one fiberboard shipping carton to an adjacent carton when the cartons become soaked with the rotten material of decayed fruit.
  • These bacteria readily disperse from rotten fruit by direct contact or movement of juices or water
  • Remove infected plant debris an destroy
  • Seed treatment- carbendazim 2g/kg
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Dr. M. Deivamani, Assistant Professor, Horticulture Research Station, Yercaud-636602.

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