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Post Harvest Diseases:: Vegetables:: Tomato

Phoma Rot: Phoma destructiva
  • Distinguished from other rots by the black color of this spot
  • Small, black, pimple-like eruptions.
  • Specks are the pycnidia or fruiting bodies of the fungus.
  • Moderate temperature and high humidity.
Pimple like black eruption Fungal spores Cross section of infected tomato

Identification of pathogen:


  • Mycelium- septate, branching & hyaline, becoming dark with age
  • Pycnidia – subcutaneous and later erumpent, dark subglobose
  • Pycnospores- hyaline, subglobous

Favourable condition:

  • moderate temperature and high humidity.
  • Most rapid decay on ripe fruits @ 21°C, but since tomatoes ripen more rapidly at about 23°C, the disease may be more promptly in the ripening room

Spread and survival:

  • Seed borne
  • By infected transplants or rain-splashed from infected crop debris
  • Fruits – wounds, stem scars
  • Progress is more in ripe than in green fruits


  • Seed treatment – ceresan dust (5% ethyl mercury phosphate)
  • Seed be sanitation
  • Do not harvest when plants are wet
  • To control contamination in packing process- 5% borax solution containing 0.5 % liquid tar soap as washing medium

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Dr. M. Deivamani, Assistant Professor, Horticulture Research Station, Yercaud-636602.

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