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Post Harvest Diseases:: Vegetables:: Tomato

Fusarium rot: Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici races 1-3
  • Stunted, the older leaves droop and curve downward, and the plants frequently wilt and die.
  • vascular tissue of a diseased plant is dark brown in color
  • Fruit infection occasionally occurs and can be detected by the vascular tissue discoloration within the fruit.

Identification of pathogen:


  • Mycelium-septate, hyaline at first becoming cream coloured with age
  • Microconidia- one celled, hyaline, ovoid to ellipsoid

Favourable condition:

  • Alternating low and high soil temperature and high humidity
  • Opt. temperature- 28°C
  • Other favorable factors- light sandy soil, low soil moisture and pH

Spread and survival:

  • Soil borne and seed borne
  • Soil-survive as chlamydospores or as saprophytically growing mycelium in infected crop debris for more than 10 yrs
  • Spread by seedlings raised in infected soil
  • Wind borne spores, surface water and agricultural implements- field to field spread
Fusarium Rot
  • Remove infected plant debris an destroy
  • Seed treatment- carbendazim 2g/kg

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Dr. M. Deivamani, Assistant Professor, Horticulture Research Station, Yercaud-636602.

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