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Bed spawns:

The method of preparation of bed spawn was same as that of mother spawn. The cooking, filling and sterilization were similar to that of mother spawn. Instead of saline bottles, polypropylene bags were used. After sterilization, the bags are taken for inoculation.


The sterilized bags are placed inside the culture room and put on the UV light.

  • After 20 minute put off the UV light and take the well-grown mother spawn.
  • Transfer spawn from the mother spawn to sterilized bags @ 10 g per bag.
  • After inoculation the spawn bags are kept in a clean room for fungal growth. (This is first generation of bed spawn).                        
  • Use the bed spawn after 10 days of inoculation for bed preparation.
    Spawn preparation
    White sorghum grains Boiling (30min) Shade drying Mixing of CaCo3 20g/kg PVC Rings


    Preparation of Spawn bags

    Step - 1 Step -2 Step- 3 Filling of bags with the grains
    Hold the PVC rings Plug with non absorbent cotton Cover with paper and tied with the thread Store in trays
    Dettol, ethanol, inoculation needle, forceps, spatula, desection needle, match box, kinflim, blade Laminar air flow chamber Inoculation of bed spawn Mother spawn
    Bed spawn

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