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Mushroom-Fish System

Cultivation of edible mushroom in India is quite recent. Three types of mushrooms being commercially cultivated in India are Agaricus bisporus, Voloriella spp. and Pleurotus spp., commonly known as European button, paddy straw and oyster mushroom. Mushroom cultivation requires high degree of humidity and therefore its cultivation along with aquaculture tremendous scope. Method of cultivation involves use of dried paddy-straw chopped into 1.2 cm bits, soaked in water overnight. Excess water is drained off. Horsegram powder (8 g/kg straw) and spawn (30 g/kg straw) is added and mixed with wet straw in alternating layers.

Perforated polythene bags are filled with substrate and kept in room at 21o-35oC with required light and ventilation. The mycelial growth occurs within 11-14 days. Polythene bags are cut open at this stage, water is sprayed twice a day and in a few days mushroom crop becomes ready for harvest. The paddy-straw after mushroom cultivation is utilized for cattle feeding.




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