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Red Sander - Pterocarpus santalinus

Common name: Red Sander
Scientfic name:
Pterocarpus santalinus

Life span: 20-25 years
Planting Spacing: 4 X 4 m

Nurseries technologies

  • Seeds are viable upto one year
  • Nursery bed size: 1.2 x 1.2 x .03m (Length x width x height)
  • Seeds are mixed with sand and broadcasted over the mother bed
  • Finally cover the mother bed with thin layer of soil
  • Keep a layer of paddy straw for mulching

Red Sander tree

Seedling Germination

Red sander Bark
Red sander leaves
Red sander Pods

Plantation Techniques
  • Land should be ploughed thoroughly
  • Planting Spacing: 45 x 45 x 45 cm (Length x width x height)
  • 12 months old saplings should be planted in pits
  • Weeding, cleaning, pruning and irrigation should be done upto 3 year old plantation
Utility values
  • Wood can be used for the perfume industry
  • Wood can be used for medicinal purposes

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