Nursery Technologies

Albizzia amara

Family Mimosoideae
Common/Tamil Name Usil, Unjal, Thurinji
Fuel (Calorific Value) Good fuel
Other Uses The wood is used for building material, agricultural implements. The leaflets are dried, powdered and used for removing oil or greeze from hair, called arappu.
Seed Collection time November – January
No. of Seeds per kg 15000
Viability Upto 6 months.
Germination percentage 30%
Seed Treatment Soak the seeds in boiled water and allow the contents to cool for 24 hours. Germination starts from 3rd day onwards.
Nursery Technique Pre-treated seeds sown in the mother bed. Germination starts from 3rd day onwards. After pricking out in polythene bags, 6 months old seedlings perform well in the field.

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