Timber Tree Species


Gmelina arborea Tree

Scientific name: Gmelina arborea

Origin: It originated from greater parts of India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Best growth in eastern sub-Himalayan tract, moist areas of Himalayan tract in Bengal and Assam and also in drier areas of central India.

Climate: Gamar survives upto a maximum temperature of 38°C to 48°C and in a minimum temperature of 30°F to over 60°F and needs a rainfall range of 750 mm to 4500 mm.


Soil: Gamar tree prefers moist fertile valleys and also grows on dry sandy or poor soils.

Silvicultural characters: A light demander and doesn’t stand bed drainage, moderately frost hardy and has good power of recovering and doesn’t stand excessive drought. It coppices very well and root suckers not observed.

Method of planting: Six month old seedlings are planted out with the ball of earth round the root portion of the seedlings and planting with root and shoot cutting has also been very successful. Weeding necessary in the first year only and stripping of leaves and branches in first cold weather seems helpful.

Gmelina arborea Seedlings
Gmelina arborea Saplings

Plant Protection: Squirrels pick up and eat seeds after sowing. In first two years browsing and girdling by deer is prevented by fencing.

Uses: Wood is yellowish or grayish white, even-grained, soft-light and strong, seasons well without warping and cracking and is very useful in paneling, carriages, furniture, boxes and carpentry of all kinds. It has been pronounced very good even for match manufacture and also for plywood.

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