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Stone Grafting

  • Stone/epicotyl grafting is a simple, cheap and quick method of mango propagation with a success rate of 75-80%.

  • For this purpose, stones should be sown in June-July on raised beds of size 1x3 m.

  • The beds should e prepared by mixing soil and FYM in the proportion of 2:1.

  • After germination, seedlings with tender stems having coppery leaves are lifted with stones still attached.

  • The roots and stones are dipped in O.1 per cent Carbendazirn solution for 5 minutes after washing the soil.

  • The seedling stems are headed back leaving 6-8 cm long stem.

  • A 4-6 cm longitudinal cut is made running down through the middle of the stem.

  • A wedge shaped cut starting on both sides is made on the lower part of scion stick.

  • The scion stick should be 4-5 months old and 10-15 cm long containing plumpy terminal buds.

  • The scion stick is then inserted in the cleft of the seedlings and tied with polythene strips.

  • The grafts are then planted in polyethylene bags containing potting mixture.

  • The bags are then kept in the shade protecting from heavy rain.

  • The scion stars sprouting 15-20 days after grafting.

  • Care should be taken to remove the sprouts on the rootstocks below the graft union during this period.

  • July is the most suitable month for stone grafting
Sowing stones in polybag
Germinated stones

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