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CHRYSANTHEMUM (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzeuleu)

CO 1 (yellow coloured flowers), CO 2 (purple coloured flowers), MDU 1 (yellow coloured flowers) Indira and Red Gold.

Co 1

Co 2


Climate: Tropical and subtropical climatic conditions are ideal. However, the best temperature for growing chrysanthemum is 20-280C for day and 15-200C for night. Since chrysanthemum is a short day plant, planting should be done such that flowering coincides with short day conditions. Under Tamil Nadu conditions, it is planted during April-May so that it flowers during September - December. 

Soil: Well drained red loamy soil with pH of 6 to 7.

Propagation and planting: Commercial propagation is through terminal cuttings (5-7 cm long) or suckers. Planting during June - July at 30 x 30 cm spacing on one side of ridges  (1,11,000 plants/ha).

Irrigation is done twice a week in the first month and subsequently at weekly intervals.

Recommended dose -25t FYM and 125:120: 25 kg NPK/ha.
Basal application - half of N + entire P and K; top dressing - half of N applied 30 days after planting.

Pinching: Done 4 weeks after planting to induce lateral branches.

Desuckering: Remove the side suckers periodically.

Micronutrients: Foliar spray of ZnSO4 0.25% + MgSO4 0.5%.

Biofertilizers: Soil application of2 kg each of Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria per ha at the time of planting. It is to be mixed with 100kg of FYM and applied.

Growth regulators: Spray GA3 @ 50 ppm on 30, 45 and 60 days after planting.

Plant protection

Thrips, aphids and leaf eating caterpillars: Spray Acetamiprid @ 0.3 g/l or Indoxacarb @ 1 ml/l

Root rot:Soil drenching with Copper oxychloride 2.5 g/lit or Trifloxystrobin + Tebuconazole @ 0.75 g/litre or Difenoconazole @ 0.5ml/l

Leaf spot: Foliar application of Mancozeb @ 2.5g/l or Azoxystrobin @ 1g/l

Chrysanthemum mosaic disease
1. Cuttings should be obtained from virus – free indexed stocks.
2. Removal and destruction of infected plants.
3. Destruction of the weed host.

Chrysanthemum mosaic disease

Leaf spot
To control the leaf spot, spray Mancozeb @ 2 g/lit.

The duration is 6 - 8 months for plant crop and 4 months for ratoon crops.

Harvesting of the flowers starts from 3rd month onwards at 4 days intervals.Harvesting is done at 3/4 to full open stage for nearby markets and 1/2 open stage for distant markets.

An average yield of 20 t/ha from plant crop and 10 t/ha from ratoon crop can be obtained.


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