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Asiatic hybrids :

Dreamland (yellow), Brunello (orange), Novona (white), Pollyanna (yellow), Yellow Giant (yellow), Vivaldi (pink), Black Out (Deep red)

Oriental hybrids:

Star Gazer (Pink & white), Nerostar, Siberia, Acapulco (cyclamen pink) and Casablanca

Eastern lily (L. longiflorum): Elegant Lady, Ace, Snow Queen, White, American, Croft and Harbor

Royal Sunset Lily hybrid Sorbonne Oriental Lilly

Climate: Liliums are best grown in green houses. Day temperature of 18-22°C and night temperature of 10-15°C are ideal.

Soil:Well drained sterile medium (preferably leaf mould, cocopeat and FYM in equal parts) with pH 5.5 to 6.5 is ideal. Fumigate the beds with Dazomet @ 30g/m2.

Propagation: Liliums are commercially propagated through bulbs. A six week cold storage period at 2oC to 5oC is needed to break dormancy. Bulbs can be stored at - 20C up to one year.

Spacing: 20 x 15 cm, 15 x 15 cm or 15 x 10 cm (plant density varies between 30 and 60/m2 depending on cultivar and bulb size)

Irrigation: 6- 8 litres/m2/day during summer and 5 - 6 litres/m2/day during winter

The following fertigation schedule can be adopted.

Nutrients Quantity (g/m2/week)
Asiatic Oriental
Calcium Nitrate 2.5 2.5
19:19:19 0.5 0.5
Potassium Nitrate 2.2 2.3
Micronutrient  mixture 1.2 1.2

Crop support: Supporting plants withnylon mesh is advisable.

Plant protection:


Aphids: Apply Imidacloprid 17.8 % SL @ 1 ml/l or Dimethoate 30  EC @ 2  ml/l

Mites: Spray Wettable sulphur @ 1.5 g/l or Abamectin @ 0.4 ml/l or Propargite @ 2 ml/l.

Thrips: Spray Methyl demeton 25EC @ 2 ml/ or Dimethoate 30EC @ 2ml/l


Grey mould: Spray Zineb @ 2g/l

Bulb and scale rot:Soil drenching with Carbendazim @ 1g/l or Difenoconazole @ 0.5ml/l

Foot rot & Root rot: Soil drenching with Metalaxyl @ 0.1%

Botrytis Blight:Dark brown spots on leaves,spraying of carbendazim @ 2g/lit of water effectively control the disease.

Harvest: Harvesting is done when lower most bud shows colour (colour breaking stage) but is not open.

Crop duration:

Asiatic hybrids   :  8 - 10 weeks
Oriental hybrids : 14 - 16 weeks

Yield: The average yield is 30 - 40 flower stems/m2

Three week old bulbs
Lilly Aphids with crescent marking
Botrytis of Lilly
Harvesting stage with one bud Full Grown Lilly before harvest


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