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Age(Years) FYM(kg/tree) Urea(kg/tree) Super
Muriate of
1 10 0.308 (140 g N) 0.500 (80 g P2O5) 0.480 (300 g K2O)
2 20 0.616 (280 g N) 1.000 (160 g P2O5) 0.960 (600 g K2O)
3 30 0.924 (420 g N) 1.500 (240 g P2O5) 1.440 (900 g K2O)
4 40 1.23 (560 g N) 2.000 (320 g P2O5) 1.920 (1200 g K2O)
5th year onwards 50 1.23 (560 g N) 2.000 (320 g P2O5) 1.920 (1200 g K2O)

Apply manures and fertilizers in circular basins of 1.8 m from the base of the palm, incorporate and irrigate. The fertilizers may applied in two split doses, in June – July and in December to January.

Green Manure in Coconut

TNAU Coconut tonic

For nut bearing coconut, root feed TNAU coconut tonic @200ml/palm once in six months.

Bio-fertilizer recommendation

Mix 50 g of Azospirillum, 50 g of Phosphobacteria  ( or ) 100 g Azophos and  50 g of VAM in sufficient quantity of compost or FYM and apply near feeding roots once in 6 months / palm starting from planting. Don’t mix with chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Organic recycling

Any one of the green manure crops like sunnhemp, Calapagonium or Daincha may be sown and ploughed in situ at the time of flowering as a substitute of compost to be applied.  Sow sunnhemp @ 50 g/palm in the basin and incorporate before flowering. Coir pith compost/vermicompost made from coir pith/ coconut leaves/ other wastes from coconut grove can be applied. 

Inter-cultural operation weed management    

The inter-space in the coconut garden has to be ploughed twice in a year in June - July and December - January. Intercultural operation is essential to keep weed population under check, to enhance the utilisation of the applied plant nutrients by the coconut trees, to facilitate proper aeration to the roots of coconut, to induce fresh root growth.

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