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Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.)
Fenugreek Plant
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Fenugreek Flower

Fenugreek Seed
Co 1,
Pusa Early Bunching,
Lam selection 1,
Rajendra Kranti,
Kissar Sonali,
CO 2
Variety Parentage Institution Salient features
Lam selection 1 selection from germplasm ANGRAU, AP tolerant to powdery mildew, root rot, caterpillars and aphids
Pusa Early Bunching NA IARI Resistant to downy mildew, rots
Rajendra Kranti Pure line selection from Reghunathpur local COA, Murzhapur Tolerant to leaf spot, suit for intercropping
Hissar sonali Pure line selection from local HAU, Haryana Moderately tolerant to root rot,aphids
Co.1 Selection from germplasm TNAU dual purpose variety evolved at TNAU
Tolerant to root rot
RMt-  1
Pure line selection from Naguar local
RAU, Jobner Moderately resistant to root rot and tolerant to powdey mildew
RMt- 143 Pure line selection from local -do- Seeds mature 140-150 days after sowing, Moderately resistant to powdery mildew

A rich well drained loamy soil is best suited for fenugreek cultivation.

Climate: Cool and comparatively dry, frost free climate

Season: June - July and October - November

Seed rate: 12 kg/ha is required

Seed treatment: Treated with Azospirillum 1.5 kg/ha + Trichoderma viride @ 50 g/ha for 12 kg of seeds.

Field preparation and sowing:

  • Prepare the main field to a fine tilth.

  • Add FYM 20 - 25 t/ha before last ploughing. Form beds and channels of 3.5 x 1.5 m.

  • Seeds are sown at a spacing of 20 X 15 cm. Spray pre-emergence herbicide Fluchloralin 700 ml in 500 lit of water per ha.

- FYM 20 - 25 t/ha and N, P, K at 30:25:40 kg/ha.

Top dressing- 20 kg of N at 30 days after sowing.

Irrigation: First irrigation is given immediately after sowing, second on the third day and subsequently at 7 - 10 days intervals.

Aftercultivation: Plants are thinned at 20 - 25 days after sowing and the thinned seedlings are used as greens. One pinching at a height of about 4” will encourage branching.Weeding is done as and when necessary.

Plant protection:
Root rot:
Root rot can be controlled by soil application of Neem cake @ 150 g/ha and seed treatment with Trichoderma viride @ 4g/kg  of seed and drenching with Carbendazim 0.5 g/l or Copper oxychloride 2 g/litre.

Powdery mildew:
Dust Sulphur at 25 kg/ha or foliar spray with wettable sulphur 2 g/lit at the time of appearance of disease.

Crop duration and harvest:
20 - 25 days for greens
90 - 100 days for grains

The yield of green   :  4000 - 5000 kg/ha
Grains                    :  500 - 700 kg/ha
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