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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

Protected Cultivation

Production Practices for Cultivation of Tomato Under Shade Net

      During summer, the hybrid tomato can be grown in a shade level of 35 per cent under paired row planting system (80 x 40 x 60 cm - between pairs, rows and plants) with a basal application of 50 kg each of N and K and 250 kg of P / ha and fertigation of 200 kg each of N and K through straight fertilizers.

Protected Cultivation of Tomato in Polyhouse

      During rainy season, the indeterminate tomato hybrid has to be grown in the medium consisting of FYM : composted coir pith: sand (2:1:1) with irrigation regime of 20kPa and basal application of 50kg each of NPK/ha as straight fertilizers and 250 kg each of NPK as water soluble and straight fertilizers through fertigation along with black polyethylene mulch (50 microns).


      110- 115 days from transplanting (135 - 140 days from sowing)


     Varieties : 30 - 40 t / ha
        Hybrids  : 80 - 95 t / ha

Boom Flower

       N spray at 2ml / litre in three sprays – 30 days, 55 days and 75 days after planting increase the yield.

Tomato at Vegetative Stage

Tomato at Fruiting Stage
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