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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum )

Seed Rate

            Varieties : 300-350 g / ha
             Hybrids : 100-150 g / ha


Seed Treatment

  • Treat the seeds with Trichoderma viride 4 g or Carbendazim 2 g per kg of seeds 24 h before sowing.

  • Just before sowing, treat the seeds with Azospirillum @ 40 g / 400 g of seeds.


Protected Nursery

  • Prepare the nursery area of 3 cents with slanting slope of 2 % for the seedling production to cover 1 ha.
  • Cover the nursery area with 50 % shade net and cover the sides using 40/50 mesh insect proof nylon net.
  • Form raised beds of 1 m width and convenient length and place HDPV pipes at 2m interval for further protection with polythene sheets during rainy months.
  • Mix sterilized cocopeat @ 300 kg with 5 kg neem cake along with Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria each @ 1 kg. Approximately 1.2 kg of cocopeat is required for filling one protray. 238 protrays (98 cells) are required for the production of 23,334 seedlings, which are required for one hectare adopting a spacing of 90 x 60 x 60 cm in paired row system.
  • Sow the treated seed in protrays @ one seed per cell. 
  • Cover the seed with cocopeat and keep the trays one above the other and cover with a polythene sheet till germination starts
  • After six days, place the protrays with germinated seeds individually on the raised beds inside the shade net
  • Water with rosecan everyday and drench with NPK 19:19:19 @ 0.5% (5g/l) at 18 days after sowing

Treated Tomato Seed

Protected Nursery


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