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TNAU Agritech Portal :: Traditional Varieties grown in Tamil nadu


  • Grown in Ramnad district
  • The outer skin is white in colour and the inner coat is red in colour.
  • It is the drought resistant and tall variety.
  • The rice kanji of this variety is good in taste and sown in “Aavani” and harvested in “Thai”.
  • The grain yields about 1500-1800 kg per acre and straw yield is one ton per acre. 
  • Some of the fields nearer to vaigai river basin, clay soil is found
  • The rain fed red rice varieties grow very well in clay soils rather than black and red soils
  • All the sivappu chitraikar, kuruvaikalnchiam and nootrypathu varieties fetch good price (Rs.6.50 per kg.) in market. 

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