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TNAU Agritech Portal :: Traditional Varieties grown in Tamil nadu


  • It is available only in Aakadavalasai village in Ramanathapuram district
  • It has medicinal properties.  It is used to cure wound injuries in leg and hand by applying over the wounded portion.
  • Most of the local “maattu vaidyars” (Ethno Veterinary practicers) are using this rice for its’ medicinal value.  This is suitable for cooking “idiaappam”, “puttu” and “paniaaram” because of its sweetness.
  • The sowing season is September and harvested in February-March. 
  • The yield is 1200 kg per acre and it gives higher straw yield (3 tonnes per acre). 
  • The crop needs at least three showers in a month and it is not affected by pest and disease generally except leaf folder. 
  • It is grown in sandy soils, irrigation through well is not possible because the water will stagnate at surface level.

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