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TNAU Agritech Portal :: Traditional Varieties grown in Tamil nadu


  • Grown in Chatrakudi village in  Ramnad district
  • Suitable for rain fed condition, drought resistant and tall variety
  • The outer skin is black in colour and the rice is red in colour
  • Good in taste and cooked rice is kept upto 2- 3days. The rice cruel (kanji) of this variety is very palatable
  • Farmers believe it gives more energy compared to other fine rice varieties for working people and the straw yield is very higher.
  • Three months variety and it is sown normally in the middle of  Puratasi (September) and harvested in the month of Tai (January).
  • Yield is 1000kg-1200 kg/acre and it fetches higher price in Kerala  state(Rs.7.50/kg)

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