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Traditional Rice Varieties

      Every rice varieties are unique of their own. There are rice varieties which can withstand flood, heavy winds also some varieties can grow without water. Different rice varieties are suitable for different kind of peoples viz., for diabetic peoples, for pregnant ladies, for children’s, for old age peoples, for youngsters etc. The high value traditional rice varieties are losing its existence after the green revolution. So it high time to save the traditional rice varieties and as a general public we also have the social responsibility to save our traditional rice varieties and pass the same to the next generation.


  • Kullakar possess  90-105 days duration

  • Kullakkar, is a short duration variety and cultivated in summer season.

  • The crop is highly drought, pest and disease resistant,rich in fibre and locally the straw is a preferred roofing material. The rice can be used in the preparation of idli, dosa, puttu, as porridge as well as cooked rice. 

  • Medicinal properties are also attributed to this rice which includes, lowering bad cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, This variety possess a higher content of zinc and iron than white rice.

  • 15-30 bags (75kg or 100 kg/ bag) of yield around can be obtained
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