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Placement of Nutriseed Packs

Nutriseed Packs are meant for single time placement in soil at the time of sowing to act as nutrient pile for slow release of nutrients. With placement of Nutriseed Packs build up in available N, P and K occurred in root zone soil up to the harvest stage. Horizontal placement of Nutriseed Pack is equally effective as that of vertical placement.

Nutriseed Pack placement has been brought out as an alternative means of fertilization in crop production in the place of fertigation or surface broadcast. Yield improvement of 10 to 30 per cent for Nutriseed Pack placement has been recorded in major cereal and vegetable crops over conventional method of fertilizer application. The adoption of this technique lies with the production of Nutriseed Packs in large numbers and making it available to the farmers adequately at the time of crop season. By the use of automated machineries Nutriseed Packs can be produced at cheaper cost, thereby reducing cost of crop production for farmer. Cost reduction is due to savings in fertilizer input, cost on labour involved in fertilizer application.

Reason behind its usage

Average land holding of Indian farmers is 2 hectares. Field operations are begun mostly at the start of season or at the time of supply of water from dams. Nowadays labour scarcity in villages prevails particularly at start of crop season. This delays timely sowing of seeds, fertilizer application, etc. In crop production, fertilizers are costly input. Improper, delayed and broadcast applications of fertilizers are major reasons for the reduction in the yield of crops. 
Under these circumstances, the readymade method like Nutriseed Pack placement would help farmers to achieve the expected yields. Farmers have to simply purchase them from village industries and use them right away. After implanting Nutriseed Packs in soil the entire nutrient requirement of crop is taken care of. If Nutriseed Pack technology is adopted for deep placement of fertilizer nutrients it can save the fertilizer and labour cost

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