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 At Trial Plots:

Nutriseed Pack technique has been well tested in research trials and demonstration plots on crops like maize, rice, cotton, cauliflower, tomato, carnation and marigold and found to record more yield and profit over the conventional broadcast method of fertilizer application.


  • By Nutriseed Pack placement seed, bioinoculants, manure, and fertilizer are simultaneously placed in soil in a single stroke.
  • Fertilizer nutrients are given to crops at required amount throughout crop season. No top dressing is required.
  • Soil nutrients are not removed and suitable for all soil types.
  • Weed growth is reduced in between planted rows.
  • Bioinoculants help crop in N fixation, P mobilization and biocontrol of soil borne pathogens.
  • Enrichment of manure pellet with pesticide controls stem borer, leaf miner, etc at early stage of crop.
  • Suitable for drip irrigation also. Fertigation equipments are not required.
  • Several inputs are made available in single location. Farmers can easily get Nutriseed Packs from Village Industries and use them straight away in field.
  • Farmers need not know or learn what fertilizers to buy, how much to use, when to apply, etc. After placing Nutriseed Packs farmers only have to irrigate the field for getting expected yields.
  • Employment opportunities will be available to workers in village Industries throughout the year for Nutriseed Pack production.

            In order to know about the method of production of Nutriseed Packs a machinery room facility with prototype machineries is available in the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, TNAU, Coimbatore. Entrepreneurs and self-help groups can visit the Nutriseed Pack machinery room and learn about the technology for starting a village industry on their own.

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