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It’s that time of the year again when the sun beats down with all its mighty glory. The only thing that gives respite from the scorching heat is a glassful of chilled beverage. But an average drink won’t do the trick; you need something that will make you feel cool from with in That’s why our desi summer coolers score high as they are refreshing, energy-boosting and are healthy too. So here’s bringing you a list of Indian summer drinks to combat the heat and stay hydrated.


Chaas is basically curd that’s blended with some water and spices in an earthen pot to make a frothy liquid for a cooling effect. Known as buttermilk, chaas is a popular Indian coolant that doubles up as a thirst quencher as well as aids digestion.

Famous as a north Indian delicacy, this yummy summer cooler is made with fresh curd that is sweetened or kept salty. It is a protein-rich drink which is sometimes seasoned with spices that have cooling properties. Lassi is a thicker drink that is milkier in texture compared to chaas.

Nimbu Pani:
This simple and effective beverage is popular across India for its refreshing quality. A rich source of vitamin C, B and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, proteins and carbohydrates, this drink makes for an excellent energy source.

A mix of water and cumin (Jeera), this drink is a popular beverage famous for its cooling properties. It also acts as an appetiser because of its digestive properties. This beverage is mostly tangy or spicy depending on the spices (black pepper, mint and fennel) added to it.

Mostly prepared during festivals, this milk-and-spices mix is a great cooler too. This drink is prepared by mixing together milk, almonds, rose water, and cardamom powder along with saffron that adds to its flavour. True to its name, this drink has fantastic cooling properties.
Masala Milk:
Prepared by boiling milk and dry fruits together till the milk thickens, this beverage when cooled, makes for an excellent summer drink. It is filled with the goodness of nuts and dry fruits and is high on energy. So, it can be had as a meal in itself.

Sugarcane Juice:
A popular drink found on the streets, ganna or sugarcane juice is a budget-friendly and easily accessible drink, readily available throughout the year. But the demand for this beverage increases in summer when a glassful of cold ganna juice awakens your senses and helps you go through the rest of the day with ease.

Sherbats are popular in Indian households and are often prepared to welcome guests with courtesy. Traditional, Indian sherbets like khus, kokum and amla are also effective coolants. Roohafza a popular rose sherbet has become synonymous with Indian households as a summer drink. Even gulaab sherbat is popular during the sunny days. Another popular summer sherbat is Bel ka sherbet. Bel, or wood apple, is a fruit that’s fibre-rich and stocked with minerals and vitamins. The fruit is cracked open and the pulp is removed, sieved and mixed with water to make a nourishing drink.

Aam ka Panna:
A drink made with fresh, raw mangoes that are abundant in this season aam ka panna as it’s popularly known is a popular summer drink. A light green-coloured beverage, this sweet and sour drink has an assortment of spices that enhance its flavour. Also a rich source of vitamin C, it helps increase the body’s resistance against tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera and dysentery.

Badam Doodh:
Almond milk is another popular summer drink that is made by grinding almonds. They are rich in minerals, fibre and vitamin E and is beneficial for the body in many ways.

Originating in the city of Pune, mastani is a sort of milkshake that is thick and creamy. It is topped with a handful of dry fruits and nuts. This cool drink can be a complete game changer on a hot sunny day.

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