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Fermented Plant Extract (FPE)

In this formulation fresh green weeds are fermented with EM to obtain a fermented plant extract.

  • Cover the drum and tie with a rope.

  • The drum should be filled up to the top, leaving very little space for air.

  • Fermentation and gas formation process will start slowly.

  • Mix the contents at repeated intervals.

  • Finished FPE having a pH of 3.5 with pleasing smell will be ready in 5-10 days time.

  • Filter the solution through a cloth and collect the filtrate.

  • For spraying on soil dilute the FPE in a ratio of 1 : 1000 with fresh water.

  • For spraying on crops dilute FPE in a ratio of 1 : 500.

  • Spraying should be done after germination of seeds in early morning hours once or twice a week.
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