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EM - Bokashi

Bokashi is a type of compost prepared by fermentation of waste organic matter with the help of EM. Bokashi is mainly used for improving the fertility status of soil and for enhancing the degradation of crop residue.

  • Collect sufficient quantity of different organic matter (such as rice bran, fish meal, animal waste etc) equivalent to 150 lit drum volume.
  • Mix 150gm of jaggary and 50 ml of EM in 15 lit of water.
  • Mix this solution with organic waste thoroughly in such a way that entire contents get uniformly moistened.
  • Grind 2.3 kg of fresh green weeds to a coarse paste. Dilute with 14 lit of water.
  • Dissolve 42 gm of jaggary in some water and mix with weed suspension.
  • Add 420ml of EM
  • Transfer the contents to a plastic drum and with the help of a thick plastic sheet
  • Transfer the contents in a plastic bag and seal the bag.
  • To ensure the anaerobic conditions put this bag into another polythene bag and seal
  • Allow the contents to ferment for 3-4 days in a cool shade place
  • Bokashi will be ready after 4 days.
  • This can be used immediately.
  • In plastic air tight bags Bokashi can be stored up to 6 months.

How to use Bokashi

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