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Thirami-Fermented Plant Extract (TFPE) for Rectifying Micronutrient Deficiency


Collect tender leaves of the following: (a) tamarind or vAdhanArAyaNan (source of zinc), (b) AvArai, hibiscus, or vallArai (copper), (c) curry leaf, drumstick leaf, or any other leafy greens (iron), (d) erukku (boron), (e) all types of flowers (molybdenum), (f) thuththi (calcium), (g) gingelly or mustard plants (sulphur), (h) ladies finger plant (iodine), (i) lantana camara, casurina, or bamboo (silica), (j) neyveli kAttAmaNakku (ipomea) (mercury), (k) glyricidia (nitrogen), (i) thulasi, nochchi, neem, aloevera( to build resistance to fungal, bacterial, and powdery mildew diseases).

We have selected the above list based on the Siddha and Ayurveda systems of medicine.


  • Collect 5 kg leaves and plants from the above list.  Choose any combination depending on micronutrient deficiency of the crops.
  • Chop into small pieces and crush. 
  • Add 250 gms jiggery in ten liters water. 
  • Add 250-300 ml ET. 
  • Set aside the mixture for 7-10 days for fermentation.  This provides ten liters solution. 

Usage: Use within 90 days.  Spray:  5-10% solution.  Irrigation:  10-20 liters per acre. 

Benefits:  Using EMFPE with other growth promoters as prophylactic measures solves all problems for any crop: (a) rectifies micronutrient deficiency, (b) acts as pest repellent, (c) prevents pests from feeding and (d) induces disease resistance.


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