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Organic Farming :: Composting Techniques

Jaivic Chhabutra (On farm Kitchen)

Plant Protection

  1. Cow urine: old cow urine diluted with water in ratio of 1:20 and used as foliar spray is not only effective in the management of pathogens & insects, but also acts as effective growth promoter for the crop.
  2. Fermented curd water: in some parts of Central India fermented curd water (butter milk or Chaah) is also being used for the management of white fly, jassids, aphids etc.

Dashparni extract

Crush following plant parts in a 500-lit drum. Take Neem leaves–5 kg, Vitex negundo leaves-2 kg, Aristolochia leaves - 2 kg, Papaya (Carica papaya)-2 kg, Tinospora cordifolia leaves- 2kg, Annona squamosal (Custard apple) leaves-2 kg, Pongamia pinnata (Karanja) leaves-2 kg, Ticinus communis (Castor) leaves- 2 kg, Nerium indicum- 2 kg, Calotropis procera leaves-2 kg, Green chilly paste-2 kg, Garlic paste-250 g, Cow dung-3 kg, Cow urine-5 lit, Water-200 lit. Crush all the ingredients and ferment foe one month. Keep the drum in shade and covered with gunny bag. Shake regularly three times a day. Extract after crushing and filtering. The extract can be stored up to 6 months and is sufficient for one acre.

Some broad-spectrum botanical pesticides

Neemastra: Crush 5 kg neem leaves in water, add 5 lit cow urine and 2 kg cow dung, ferment for 24 hours with intermittent stirring, filter squeeze the extract and dilute to 100 lit, use as foliar spray over one acre, useful against sucking pests and mealy bugs.


  • Crush 3 kg neem leaves in 10 lit cow urine.
  • Crush 2 kg custard apple leaf, 2 kg papaya leaf, 2 kg pomegranate leaves, 2 kg guava leaves in water.
  • Mix the two and boil 5 times at some interval till it become half
  • Keep for 24 hrs, then filter squeeze the extract. This can be stored in bottles for 6 months.
  • Useful against sucking pests, pod/fruit borers.
  • Dilute 2-2.5 lit of this extract to 100 lit for 1 acre.

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