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Expanded cereals

Flow chart

Puffed rice :- (using rice) 
This popular ready-to-eat snack product is obtained by puffing milled parboiled rice. In the traditional process rice is gently heated on the furnace without sand to reduce the moisture content slightly. It is then mixed with salt solution and again roasted on furnace in small batches with sand on a strong fire for a few seconds to produce the expanded rice. Rice expands about 8 times retaining the grain shape and is highly porous and crisp.

Parched paddy or puffed rice:- (using paddy)

Sun dried paddy is filled in mud jars and is moistened with hot water. After 2-3 min. the water is decanted and the jars are kept in an inverted position for 8-10 hours. Next the paddy is exposed to the sun for a short time and then parched in hot sand as in the preparation of parched rice. Puffed rice is prepared by throwing pretreated paddy into sand heated to a high temperature in an iron pan. During parching the grain swell and burst into a soft white product. The parched grains are sieved to remove sand and winnowed to separate the husk.
Flow Chart